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We use the internationally trusted services of PayPal for credit and debit card sales. Please note - you don't have to have a PayPal account to make a payment. Autographed copies are available upon request at the time of order - please mention this in the "other information box" before the checkout.
We aim to send out all orders on the day of receipt, and will notify you so by Email.

Please note that as we are based in the UK, our prices have to reflect current exchange rates. Please note that Carriage charges include Airmail to the USA. If you prefer, you can order Making Waves & Virtual World CDs in the US from CD Baby. (Due to currency fluctuations, prices may be slightly different)

Buy Making Waves or Virtual World From CD Baby

US Price List
CDs $16 - Cassettes $8
Carriage Charges: 1 item = $3.25, 2 items $5.95, 3 items $7.50, 4 items or more $8.99

Waveform - Making Waves Sleeve

Waveform - Virtual World Sleeve
Waveform - Inner & Outer Space Sleeve
Bundle Offer

Special Offer - All 3 CDs for $45

Waveform - Making Waves Cassette
Waveform - Virtual World Cassette Sleeve
Waveform - Gently Does It Sleeve

Special Offer - Both Cassettes Plus free copy of Gently Does It

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