W a v e f o r m - N e w s
Click CD sleeve to find out more!April 2007 The Dreamaiden CD "Blue Light" has been released. If you enjoy the music of Waveform, this is a CD you'll be sure to want in your collection. Dreamaiden & Waveform came together to create "Deeper", the closing track of the CD. What started out originally as a Waveform remix project, took on a life of its own!
Click the CD sleeve to the left for a free mp3 download and details of the release party in Second Life!
Click To Go To CD StoreMarch 2007 Inner & Outer Space is now available to buy direct from our CD Store. Whilst a library CD, and intended for complementing visuals, Waveform fans and collectors alike, are sure to appreciate the unmistakeable hallmark of the Waveform sound in a more ambient style than previous studio releases.
Click to order Making Waves from CD BabyMarch 2007 The first Waveform CD - Making Waves has been re-released in the USA as "Making Waves - Digital Edition". Re-edited in 2006, it's available now where you usually buy your CDs - you can also order from the CD Baby Website by clicking the CD sleeve on the left, or via our own CD Store by following the link on the left hand column.
Waveform - Inner & Outer Space CD Sleeve ImageDecember 2006 Waveform's first Library CD: Inner and Outer Space, has been released. A collection of ambient soundscapes for the visual arts, the 24 tracks convey the beauty and mystery of both our inner space and the space beyond our planet. The moods and atmospherics created by Waveform perfectly complement film, television and multimedia projects based around these subject areas. Tracks from the CD are to appear in an exciting science fiction project currently in production. Details will be announced when work is completed, so keep checking the site for details.
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Click to visit our new mp3 storeApril 2007 Our new mp3 store is now operational. All tracks from Virtual World are available to audition and download via the mp3 store link to the left, or by clicking on the CD sleeve icon. Tracks from Making Waves - Digital Edition will be available in the near future.
May 2007 Tracks from Making Waves (Digital Edition) are now available from the mp3 store via the link on the left. Five further Waveform tracks have been licensed for a SciFi production from Inner & Outer Space.
June 2008 Recording has begun (at last!) of "Postcards From Planet Earth"