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W a v e f o r m - M a k i n g W a v e s

Waveform - Making Waves Sleeve ImageMaking Waves, the first release from Waveform, rewards listeners with a unique and intricately woven tapestry of sound textures, rich in melody, and full of life.

The title track traces the life of a river from its source to the sea, and takes you on a musical voyage from the birth of a stream, to the hidden, mysterious depths of the ocean. Six further tracks add to the appeal of the album, and its overall feel is calming, relaxed and highly melodic.

You may have heard Making Waves playing in Sea Life Centres throughout the UK. The haunting melodies and atmospherics created by the album provide the perfect backdrop for discovering all about the lifeforms inhabiting our Inner Space.

Downstream ImageMaking Waves opens with "Ripples In The Dark", and so the journey begins. The listener is then transported "Downstream": its calming and relaxing melodies and sounds of exotic birds float you gently down to the "Airboat To The Reef". In this track the tempo picks up, and you can almost feel the wind in your hair as you are whisked to your destination.

Upon arrival at the reef, it's time to experience "Hidden Depths": an underwater encounter that is both mysterious and haunting. The discovery of "Water Butterflies" (inspired by a poem), with its delightful melody and light air leads us to the Journeys End. The poignant and thoughtful "Influence Of The Moon" brings the journey to a close, with the sounds of waves breaking on the shore.

Other Tracks On The CD

In Search Of New Horizons - This perhaps, is the track that sums up the Waveform style. Melodic and evolving, it first appeared on the compilation album "Surreality".

Adrift - Subtle and atmospheric, one really gets a sense of isolation with this piece. Haunting melodies intertwine with gentle acoustic guitar and strings for a poignant mood.

Stormbringer - It's always a pleasure to get feedback from listeners and fans, and this is the track that generates the most letters of praise. Brooding, powerful and majestic.

First Sight - This was written when Steve caught his first glimpse of his future son, James, on an ultrasound scan. Calm and serene, the music gently wraps you in a warm cocoon.

Gently Does It - Inspired by the Douglas Adams "Dirk Gently" novels, the music reflects the quirky character and mysterious working methods of this unorthodox detective.

The Cave Behind The Waterfall - With a subtle oriental feel, this piece is, perhaps, a prelude to the title track. Soft and enchanting, what secrets are held within the cave?
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