Do your mixes seem lifeless or dull compared to CD releases? Do they lack punch, clarity, sparkle or warmth?
We can help.
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Whether you produce your music in a home studio, or with professional engineers in high quality, well equipped studios, good mastering can ALWAYS enhance the sound quality and balance of your productions. Mastering can add sparkle and bring to life flat sounding tracks, impart punch and energy to weak sounding tracks, and can transform a collection of individual tracks into a cohesive album.

Mastering gives your tracks that vital "something extra" which is so necessary to compete with other commercial releases. Mastering is often the most essential ingredient in the recording chain and can be regarded as the final chance to realise the full potential of your recordings. Every single track released by a major record label has been mastered.

What Is Mastering?
Mastering is the final stage between the studio mixdown of your audio material and manufacturing. It's the final process that turns your production into a "master" that is ready for replication.

The object of mastering is to maximise and develop the sonic potential of your tracks to achieve a superior sound quality in keeping with mainstream releases.

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Why Mainstream? There are two things to keep in mind when selecting a mastering service. An acoustically treated control room with accurate monitoring and a near flat response is essential, along with an experienced mastering engineer with a good set of ears, who is fully conversant with the latest mastering hardware and software.
Mainstream Mastering works with the finest audio equipment from the analogue world, along with the latest state-of-the-art software in the digital domain. Your material will be analysed carefully on our high-resolution monitoring system in a treated room with neutral acoustics by an engineer with more than 14 years of mastering experience and 26 years as a sound engineer. Mainstream Mastering offers you this service online, passing on the savings direct to you, at a fraction of the costs of a traditional mastering company. Allow us to convince you: We want your 100% satisfaction. Find out how you won't be charged a penny until you are delighted!