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Adrian Wagner
Click to find out more about Adrian Wagner Composer, artist, music producer and inventor, Adrian Wagner is the great-great grandson of the famous nineteenth-century composer, Richard Wagner. Adrian invented the hugely popular British synthesizer - the Wasp. Valued by musicians and producers worldwide, the Wasp ignited Steve's passion for synths. Adrian wove some of his magic at the mastering stage of Making Waves. This experience was the origin of Steve's interest in the subject that would eventually lead to the forming of Mainstream Mastering.
Allister Brimble
Click to find out more about Allister Allister Brimble has one of the largest audio portfolios in the games industry comprising of over 250 titles. Allister & Steve worked together on projects such as "Street Racer" for Nintendo & "Ultimate Body Blows" for Team 17 as well as a number of Playstation titles. Allister has also produced two excellent CDs - “Sounds Digital”, & “Bang! Tick…Tick…” He currently writes for Orchestral Media Developments: Specialists in cinematic music for computer games.
Click here for the Dreamaiden WebsiteSusan Baird is the creative artist behind the music of Dreamaiden. A gifted flautist and pianist, her debut release “Blue Light” showcases her mastery of the Synthesiser and has an assured, organic quality that shines through every note. The track “Deeper” was co-written with Waveform, and brings the CD to a dramatic finale.
Rupert Hine
Click here for the Rupert Hine websiteRupert Hine is a musician in his own right with several solo albums to his name. He was the vocalist behind Quantum Jump’s “The Lone Ranger”, but it's for his production work that he is best known. Artists such as Tina Turner, Howard Jones, Camel, Anthony Phillips, Rush, Stevie Nicks and Suzanne Vega have all benefitted from his awesome production skills.
J J Jeczalik
Click for JJ's WikipediaFairlight guru, and co-founder of The Art of Noise, JJ Jeczalik has worked with a variety of bands... from Frankie Goes To Hollywood to Yes!
Paul Nagle
click here to visit softroomUK synthesist, SOS reviewer, and with Andy Pickford, one half of Binar.

Mark Shreeve
click to vist the redshift websiteRedshift founder & synth virtuoso.

HG Fortune Softsynths
Click to visit the H G Fortune siteExcellent vst synths featuring Waveform presets. Free versions available for download.
Steve Howell
click here to visit Steve Howell's Hollow Sun
Vintage keyboard sampling supremo and fusion fanatic. Top guy! Sound on Sound contributor. (Bit of a theme developing here)
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Nick Magnus
click to visit the Nick Magnus WebsiteI just couldn't resist using this picture! (Sorry Nick!). Accomplished keyboard player for the likes of Steve Hackett and the Enid, Nick has also released three solo albums. A Sound On Sound reviewer, he used to give stunning demos for Roland, and has given me sound advice on a number of occasions…!
Terry Hawke
Click Here For More about Terry Hawke Terry is the DJ for the Hawke Chill Out Sessions. Delivering Space-Rock, Ambience & Electronica straight to your subconscious!